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Who we are

We are the decisive factor behind your success.
DerbaTech is on a mission to help you unleash your automation potential.

Marketing Automation Products out there are getting advanced every day, and so are their consumers. As they shuffle between devices, locations, and channels, they expect brands to be aligned with them. In a world that is increasingly adopting the digital lifestyle, personalized experiences across brand touchpoints are becoming paramount.

Marketing Automation Products
Marketing Automation Products and Solutions

We develop SAAS-based, ground-breaking suite of Marketing Automation products, with an aim to bridge the gap between a brand and its audience. Backed by research and developed with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our suite of logic-based tools help you create personalized connections with your customers. Our ‘self-learning’ algorithms grow with your business and offer lightning-fast data and behavioral insights into customer engagement & satisfaction. Full-stack marketing solutions, built to boost conversions.


Leadership Team

Our team is passionate and energetic. We nurture creativity, learn from each other more and more each day to enhance our skills.

Gabrielle Winn


Mario Palmer

Managing Partner

Kelly Williams

Marketing Strategist
Glimpse of The Future


Be remarkable. Use technology for good.

Our vision is the most important principle we lean on – To build trusted marketing and automation products that boost customer engagement and convert valuable leads.
Plan of Action


To empower brands to create personalized customer experiences, anticipate needs and exceed expectations.

We want to transform businesses into remarkable brands that customers love! We achieve this by ensuring brands get an ultimate customer engagement experience, lead generation, management, and conversion through our cutting-edge suite of automation tools. Almost every decision we make internally reflects our mission and its impact on our customers. Whether it is a product roadmap or a new feature – our customers are always at the heart of everything we do.
Our Beliefs


Our leaders follow the mantra – “Humbleness, no big egos”. They take complete accountability for the results, even when there is a setback. They go out of their ways to promote a healthy work-life balance and motivate others to get things done. At DerbaTech, we celebrate ownership, even when mistakes are corrected.


We strive to maintain world-class standards for our products, services, and systems, and learn from each other to keep raising the bar.
Result Oriented​
We hold ourselves accountable and consistently implement industry-specific solutions to deliver desired results.

Client Focused

We treat each client as our most important customer. This drives the way we think and act. We go the extra mile to understand their needs and deliver quality. We prioritize time and resources for our clients over everything else.


We innovate, take risks, inspire creativity, take action and learn from our outcomes. We use resources prudently, without increasing costs, budgets or outweighing the benefits.


1. Confidentiality – Protection of our client information, intellectual property and essential data is of paramount importance to us. No leaks, just air-tight firewalls.

2. Purpose-driven – We go out of our way to deliver on our promises we make to ourselves and our clients.

3. Communication – Clear and crisp communication drives our engine. We make sure we communicate factually and authentically with our clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

People First

We want our people to grow and thrive in every area. We celebrate success, motivate, and applaud good work. We aim to create an enjoyable, happy, unbiased, and engaged workplace where people can have authentic conversations, invite candid and constructive feedback and learn from each other.