What We

Brand Marketing

Strategic planning

Innovative Strategies

With a dynamic, self-evolving marketing intelligence algorithm, we help you visualize and interpret relevant data, and then use the data to automate everything from lead generation to conversion. Innovate with DerbaTech and stay two steps ahead of your competition.

Portfolio Architecture

Our advanced suite of tools help you design stunning campaigns in a snap. From touchpoints to journeys, connect with your audience at every milestone with our state-of-the-art automation products built to boost conversion.


With our cutting-edge messaging suite, go beyond basic messaging and captivate your online audience, even when you’re offline. With pre-built templates and AI powered creative assistance, keep your audience hooked across email, web, mobile and social media, at all times.

Digital Experience

Platform integration


Our suite of tools allows you to innovate beyond your legacy enterprise applications without additional IT infrastructure and resources. Instantly instill intelligence into any business process. You can connect all your external apps and webservices to our platform and unlock even more features.


Build powerful audience segmentation with ease. Our segmentation engine uses behavioral targeting to group audiences into real-time segments. Segment your customers based single action, inaction or specific psychographic data. Deliver personalized campaigns for different user groups, that are tailored to their taste.

Portfolio Architecture

Designed to intuitively connect to all modern Web services and APIs, DerbaTech’s intuitive UI automatically accepts, transforms, orchestrates, connects and integrates all data types from ant source and to any target, and can be deployed seamlessly via several different methods.The platform supports event-driven architecture, traditional data integration methods, and can easily scale to fit any enterprise data initiative.

Data Science

Data platforms

Business Intelligence

Better technology creates better businesses. We ensure that our technology aids your communication flow, both internally and with your customers. Our unwavered focus on adding intuitive automation technology to your marketing arsenal, allows us to help your business thrive.

Data Strategy

Turn data insights into irresistible campaigns. Using the core of Big Data, our tools will help you identify trends on social media and search engines within your niche. You can use this data to target audience segments and create personalized campaigns.

Data Modeling

Create eyechatching visual graphs and mind maps with our insights data. Automate not only campaigns, but all your MQL and SQL data too. Our tools help you model data in a standard, consistent, predictable manner to give your marketing efforts an extra edge.